Ha Noi / Bac Ha/ Ban Pho / Phe Bung / Nhay Thau

Bac Ha market is the bigest ethnic market in the Northern Part of Vietnam. It often takes place on Sunday of weekly.  This highland culture market is a living museum of cultural and community activities, where still contains plenty of ethnic culture with unique customs and regional traditions. For this market you have an opportunity to meet several minorities such as Flower Hmong, Black Dzao, Nung, Phu la and Tay ... You can talk to the ethnic minorities through the guide's interpretation.

Night 1: Hanoi – Bac Ha
The tour starts at 6 pm as we move to My Dinh bus station from our office at No. 18 Hang Muoi, Hanoi. The bus to Bac Ha departs at 7:30 pm and you will experience 1 night on bus.

Day 1 : 

Tourists meet with local tour guide at bus station at 4:00 am and move to home-stay in Ban Pho Village of the Hmong to take rests. 

We leave home-stay at 6:30 am to trek to Bac Ha Market after having breakfast at a local restaurant. We then spend time walking around to discover Bac Ha Market, the largest market in the Northwest of Vietnam for ethnic minority groups. The market opening every Sunday is the place where you can be meeting with many different ethnic communities including Nung, Tay, Phu La, Hmong, etc,. This market, thus, offers you opportunity to explore the diversity in culture, customs and costumes of these groups. 

You will be enjoying a lunch at this market with local foods and corn wine – a strong wine and also the unique and renowned product of Bac Ha. 

In the afternoon, you will be discovering the town of Bac Ha by horse wagon. We then move to Na Lo Village of the Tay which is about 15 km from Bac Ha town. The next destination in our tour is a village of the Hmong called Thai Giang Pho where we can see a large flower and fruit garden with lots of orchids. It’s time for you to enjoy pretty landscapes and take photos in this garden. We then sit on the horse wagon, visiting Hoang A Tuong Palace – the residential place of Hoang A Tuong – King of the Hmong once alive. He was a Tay people receiving the support of French colony to become the leader of a group consisting of 70% Hmong people.  Experiences here include watching the combination between Chinese and French architectures, the pictures describing daily life of the locals here in the past. Next, we pay a visit to Na Kheo Village of Nung people before coming back to Ban Pho. We then overnight at home-stay in Ban Pho. 

Night 2: Dinner is served at around 7:00 pm at home-stay. It’s time for you to talk to the host family which are all friendly and hospitable. You then have time to relax, refresh after a long day and be ready for a new trekking day. 

Day 2: 

Morning in the this mountainous area would be an unforgettable for you when you can admire the amazing scene of sunrise in the atmosphere filled with songs of birds, ducks, chicken, buffalo and so on. Breakfast is then served at home-stay, providing you sufficient energy for a new day of discovering. 

Our trek starts at 8:00 am when we depart from Ban Pho village to another vollage of the Hmong called Phe Bung at the distance of 7 km. your picnic lunch then takes place here while you can get chance to see amazing views of mountains, valleys, terraced rice fields. Hoang Thu Pho Village is our next destination. In good weather conditions, you may be admiring the beauty of Fansipan Mountain in Sapa and Coc Ly Valley of Ta Thang range of mountains.  

The trek continues toward Nhay Thau Village where of Nung people. We then move downhill to the valley to Bac Ha town, where the company’s bus is waiting to carry us back to Ban Pho Village. Dinner takes place before we have a short rest. After dinner, we prepare our luggage for the trip back to Hanoi at night. 

Night 3: Tourists would be getting to the bus station at 7:00 pm. we then experience a night on bus backing to Hanoi which departs at 8 pm. It arrives at My Dinh bus station at around 4 am the next day. The tours finishes.  

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