Ha Noi / Pu Luong/ Nua Village/ Ton Village

Serving as one of the prettiest regions in the Northwest of Vietnam, Phu Luong Natural Reserve remains a challenge to those who are into discovering. This area stretching from Mai Chau in the Northwest to Cuc Phuong National Park in the Southeast is a region of gorgeous beauty, stirring cultures and affluent biodiversity. Inherited with luxuriant forests, immense limestone panoramas, magnificent rice terraces and exciting scenes, this area is expected to bring you a challenging trek.   

At 7:00, tourists start their departure to Mai Chau from the hotel in Hanoi (13km). Getting off the car, we begin our trek to Pu Bin villages on a trail. After around 2.5 hours, we will pass the distance of almost 10km, witnessing amazing mountainous sceneries, picturesque rice paddies, hand – crafted bamboo water wheels and talking to friendly locals. We will then overnight at traditional stilts of Thai local families.  

The second day is to trek to Xom Villages which takes 5 hours for 18km. it would be an interesting experience for you to get up very early to welcome the first light of the morning as the day of the locals here starts earlier. You then can take part in a number of morning activities here or join a stroll around Hang village before enjoy breakfast with new Thai friends. Our trek will be starting at 8:00 am with walking for around 5 or 6 hours. The first section seems to be hard with steep slopes and crossing streams. The second stage looks hilarious with amazing views of valley, rice terraces, lush rain forests and meandering streams. A picnic lunch is celebrated on the way. Visiting Xom village is always a special experience due to the landscape said to be one of the most beautiful in Vietnam.  The village is nestled in steep limestone mountains and rice terraces. We then overnight in stilt houses in Xom village, nearby a typical Thai eco. 

Morning comes with the sounds of daily village life. The trek lasting for 5 to 6 hours begins after having breakfast. In this route, we will be encountering several steep climbs and lots of crossing streams. While trekking, we will drop to visit a newly discovered cave with incredible beauty which is protected by the Forest Rangers. The journey will be further and further, passing steep limestone mountains, conjuring caves, getting through dense rainforests inside the border Pu Luong Natural Reserve to Nua Village. 

If you are interested in joining the daily life of the locals, let’s get up early in the morning. Breakfast is then served by Thai host family as a preparation for a hard but exciting trek lasting for 6 or 7 hours through wild and lush rainforests. The trek is a chance to experience the biodiversity of Phu Luong Natural Reserve, where we are going to have a picnic lunch. We then continue our journey to Ton Village. Cruiser picks us up here, taking back to our hotel Hanoi where the trip finishes.