Lak Lake /Jun village/M’lieng village/ Buon Ma Thuot

Lac Thien town is a little and peaceful town surrounded with natural forests and a 500-hecta lake which looks like a white silk ribbon. This picturesque town with Lak Lake is about 56 km to the south from Buon Ma Thuot city. Water in this lake is fresh and clear and smooth all year round, so it looks like a mirror amazing tourists when being seen from a far distance.  In rainy season, the lake seems to be larger in ripples, narrowing the distance with Giun Village – a typical village of the Mnong. Lak Lake remains wild in pristine beauty where you can sit on a canoe or a boat to enjoy lots of beautiful lotuses on the lake. Inspite of not being as attractive as other lakes in Hanoi or Da Lat, Lak Lake is a considerable source of fresh – water fish for the locals. 

We arrive in Buon Ma Thuat in the afternoon where we meet with local guide who lead us to visit Lak Lake. We then have one hour discovering the lake, enjoying beautiful landscapes around it and also exploring the fishing work of the locals before paying a visit to Jun Village. The next destination is M’Lieng village ehich is situated on the other side of the lake. Our experience here is trekking around the village to discover daily life of the locals in the Central Highland. We then experience 1 hour on horse’s back. Evening is the time for us to enjoy the world cultural intangible heritage of Gongs on a stilt house on lakeside. 

Dig deeper the origin of Gongs cultures and Tay Nguyen nature.

The second day of the tour starts with interesting activity of visiting Ethnology Museum where we can be observing lots of daily life equipment and accessories of the ethnic minority groups in Vietnam including clothes, cultivated tools, musical instruments and so on. We can also come to visit other bustling areas in Buon Ma Thuot. 

Go up to Buon Me Thuot to communicate to elephants and discover the unspoiled jungle. Do the trekking into the central highlands of Vietnam as, you will have a really adventure.

Go up to the mountains and jungles, then relaxing on the mesmeric beaches on earth. Ocean tours Vietnam will never make you disappointed by its unique route. You will have such private summer vacation with the ocean and coast of Vietnam.